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Crossfit 911 – WOD – August 28, 2012



Strength WOD
5 sets of:
3 Cleans+1 Jerk
Intensity: Heavy



Five one minute rounds of:
10 Double-under Buy-in
As many Power Cleans as possible in remaining minute.
30 second rest after every round.
Rx: 115/65

Two minute rest then…

Three one minute rounds of:
10 Burpee Buy-in
As many Power Snatches as possible in remaining minute.
30 second rest after every round.
Rx: 115/65

My Results:

  • Cleans + Jerk did with 45#, then 65# for a few sets.  When I moved up to 75#, I began to fail on the cleans.  It’s possible that I would’ve been more successful with the 75# if I had started with that wait from get-go.
  • Double-unders were tough, but I’m not horrible at them.  I take a single in between each double & it seemed to work out ok… Until the forth & fifth round, when I was wiped.  At that point I just kept failing.  SIGH.
  • I did the Power Cleans using only the 45# bar, & while that was a little light in the beginning, again, I was struggling to keep the intensity & speed up in the forth & fifth rounds.  Even so, I’ll be upping the weight to 55# for another WOD with similar expectations.
  • The burbees obnoxious, mostly because it’s not easy to get through 10 of them & still have time to do any snatches & also have the ability to actually… well, breathe.
  • Only ended up doing 2-3 snatches (45#, just the bar.)


While I enjoyed this workout, being that it was only really 8 minutes, I feel like I’d like more.  I noticed that I’m having this issue with a lot of the WODs – they just seem too short to be fully effective, especially from a conditioning perspective.  I also feel like there’s a lot of waiting around for folks to prepare or finish – I find myself getting slightly frustrated with this.  I suppose that as I begin to up my weight, this extra rest-time will probably be welcome…
… BUT…
I think this is a direct indication of why, when I watched the RAID Games, I felt that so many of the competitors were lacking in endurance & conditioning.  I know I’m only a beginner, but I believe that there’s a clear area of improvement here.  Longer WOD training leads to better conditioning, more stamina, & will give you a great advantage over others in the Games.  … Just a thought…


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