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Crossfit 911 – WOD – August 27, 2012


Strength WOD
Bench Press (Dynamic Effort)
-8×3 @ 55% of 1rm. No more than one minute rest.
Back Squat (Max Effort)
-10 minutes to beat last weeks 3rm.




Deadlift (Rx: 275/185)


My Results:

  • Benchpress = 75# (could’ve, should’ve, done more)
  • Back Squat = 125# (this felt VERY close to 3RM, but not 1RM)
  • WOD Time = 10:50 (deadlift weight = 95#)
  • Hand-stand push-ups I did from the high box – exaggerated pike position – as “V” as possible.
  • Calories burned = 140 (yes, in 10 minutes)


  • The strength portion was fun, but I really want to build up my squat ability.  My upper body is above average for a female, & I’m barely cutting it on the quads.  Will work on this.
  • The WOD was great – I enjoyed how fast it went & yet how hard I worked.  Coach Mike was encouraging as usual & really helped to push me harder.
  • I still had some energy after the WOD, so Mike had me do 3 x 5 of straight (no kip) pull-ups.  I really could only do one, but going through the motions was helpful (I think.)  I also threw in some hanging abs that he demonstrated.

Today my lower back & bootie are mad sore (check out the blue line in the image above), but I am DIGGING the feeling.  Tonight… Back for more! 😉