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Crossfit 911 – WOD – September 3, 2012 (Labor Day!)


Strength WOD
Bench Press (Dynamic Effort)
-8×3 @ 60% of 1rm.  No more than one minute rest.
Back Squat (Max Effort)
-10 minutes to beat last weeks 3rm.

12 minute ladder
1 Thruster
15m Barbell Overhead walk
1 Back Squat
15m Barbell Overhead walk
5 Burpee Penalty every time barbell touches the floor.
Rx: 135/75

Overhead walk distance remains the same.  Add one rep to thrusters and back squats per round. For example, the second round will consist of two thrusters and two back squats.

My Results:

  • Bench press: 95# – This felt good, but I think even with the 8 sets, I probably could’ve done more.  My bench press weight pleasantly surprises me.
  • Back squat: 105# – This is probably right on target for my 3RM right now, which is pretty sad.  Would really like to get stronger her.
  • WOD : 45#- Definitely could not have done more weight, I was dead by the end.  The thrusters & overhead walk are what kill here… Hours later & my shoulders are still exhausted & they haven’t even reached “sore” point yet.
  • I never let the bar touch the ground in the middle of a set, so no burpees for me.  🙂
  • Total class time (not including a nice long stretch session) was 60 minutes & I burned 500 calories.


  • Went to the 10:30AM class which means Coach Kat was teaching.  While I appreciate her skill & knowledge, it seems to me that her enthusiasm could be better structured & directed in order to give the class the motivation needed.