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Crossfit – Day 1 (for real)

Crossfit Rope

Strength WOD

Front Squat
-10 minutes to beat last weeks weight
Close-grip Bench Press
-10 minutes to beat last weeks weight





3 Rounds for time of:
15 Back Squats 95/65 (RTG: 135/95)
1 Rope Ascent 15′
15 Thrusters 95/65 (RTG: 135/95)
1 Rope Ascent 15′

My Results:

– Close-Grip Bench Press, 1RM = 95#
– Front Squat, 1RM = ???  (I was having issues with the bar-holding form.  The high elbows, & where the bar rests on your collarbone are going to take some getting used to.)


WOD Results:
Somewhere around 16 minutes, I think.
Back Squats weight was just the bar, 45#.
Thruster weight was just the bar, 45#
Subbed the rope ascents.
Also did a set of planks at the end of class (1 minute on, 1 minute off, 5 rounds) – Very hard, struggled through last 2 rounds.


Observations & thoughts on my first real WOD in a long time:
  • The rope is not effing easy.  While I understand that I need to develop a technique with my legs, I still think I’m just not strong enough yet.  Instead of doing the actual full ascents, I did a substitution that involved laying on my back back on the ground & pulling my body into a standing position, while maintaining a plank position, belly up.
  • Full hand gloves for rope climb are no longer an option, but a necessity.  I’m not interested in having “man-hands” & I don’t give 2 ishes if that gets me laughed at.
  • Thrusters are incredibly hard, but they’re something I want to get good at.
  • Squats felt good.  Probably could’ve done more, but since the weight needs to be the same as the thruster weight, that held me back a bit.


Initial thoughts on the Crossfit overall experience:
  • Way too easy to get hurt.  And not just kind-of-tweak-something-hurt, but badly, out for months hurt.  MUST take care of oneself.  Nobody in box does that for you.
  • The lack of warm-up is downright ridiculous, & shameful, in my opinion.  Will start doing warm-up on my own prior to start of class.
  • I still hate running, which we’ve done everyday so far.
  • For the most part, the “coaches” don’t deserve that title.  They don’t know how to teach, aren’t interested enough in the details, & are terrible at queuing properly.  (i.e. “Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go!” is NOT coaching, it’s just yelling at people.)
  • Likes:  competitive aspect, fairly serious/dedicated environment, actual exercises.

I am sore again today – traps haven’t recovered & I’m feeling my legs, all the way down to my tibialis anterior (probably due to the running.)  The good news is tomorrow is Bikram & then a massage…   Cannot wait!

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